How to become a best selling author

How To Become A Best Selling Author

There’s no doubt, being a best selling author can open lots of doors for you. Apart from the credibility it gives you, it also provides you with free publicity opportunities, an increase in website traffic and email subscribers, an increase in sales, speaking opportunities, and the list goes on… If writing a best seller has
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Four Reasons Professional Athletes Go Broke

Let me ask you a question: “What job has an average salary of $5 million per year and comes with a 60% chance of going bankrupt within 5 years after retirement?”  If you answered “professional NBA basketballer”. Then give yourself a gold star. Because that’s what discovered in a financial survey of American professional
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How To Make Your New Year Resolutions Stick in 2016 With These 4 Weird Tricks

While New Year’s resolutions can inspire positive new change in your life, the fact is most fail. According to a New Years’ Resolution study, the most common reason for resolutions failing are: Setting unrealistic goals (35%) Not keeping track of your progress (33%) Forgetting about it (23%) Making too many resolutions (10%) The study
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How A Death Metal Guitarist Made $120,000 in 90 Minutes – And How It’s Reinventing Businesses Everywhere (including yours).

Let me ask you a question. How does a death metal guitarist go from touring America with his band, only just scraping by, to making $120,000 in 90 minutes? Answer — He masters the art of running webinars in his business (and we have a step-by-step on how you can too). Stick with me on
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The 5 Most Profitable Places To Advertise Online Today For Off-Line Small Businesses

(Expert Armand Morin sheds some light – is this even necessary??) The way businesses advertise has shifted more radically and more dramatically in the past 10 years than perhaps the entire history of advertising. Consider this: 1700s – Newspaper advertising first starts appearing 1880s – Direct mail began appearing as catalogues in the US 1906
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5 Tips to Increase Your Productivity

Increasing your productivity can be a simple or arduous task depending on which route you decide to take… Here at MesitiHQ we like to work smarter – not harder. Here are some of the top tips for increasing productivity from our very own team members. 1. Change the scene if you are at a stand
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