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  1. A. Miller says:

    Hello Mr. Mesiti, I really enjoyed your book. It has really changed my life in a great way. I just wanted to thank you for one of the best books I’ve ever read. So thank you for helping me change my life in this later stage of it, it has just begun.

  2. Jen Lopez says:

    I just attended the Outrageous Streams of Income event at the Gold Coast this last weekend and I am so excited to have gained so much valuable knowledge in such a short time. Thank you so much Pat and the team for creating this event. I wish that I had the opportunity to tell you in person. I also wish that I could motivate my adult kids to attend one of your events because I am going to leap forward and take massive action with this knowledge that will benefit my future wealth and happiness and I would like them to have the opportunity also to leverage this knowledge. Thank you , thank you, thank you. Warm Regards, Jen

  3. Shane Colquhoun, LJ Hooker says:

    Pat Mesiti, you are a world champion. Not only did you assist me in kick-starting our business 12 years ago, you’ve kept in touch along the way and maintained an interest in my challenges, successes, hurdles and achievements. Thanks for being a friend, a supporter, a coach and mentor. Our world is a better place with people like you in it and I can thank you for where I am today.

  4. Jayne Saunders says:

    Hi Pat, Just finished reading the book pathway to prosperity after attending the workshop of the same name. Realising that a lot of my money issues have come about because i am scared to get out of my comfort zone. I have decided to sell my home and pay out all my debt. this will put me into a rental where i am VERY uncomfortable. It will force me to become more so that i can have more. Thanks so much for your guidance and inspiration , will keep you posted

  5. Darryl Chapman says:

    Hi Pat,
    my wife and I recently attended Matt and Amanda’s conference on the Gold Coast. With Matt and Amanda and yourself as our mentors I have undergone some tremendous changes in my life. Thank you. Pat, the veil of the temple has been ripped asunder; the scales have fallen from my eyes and I have been born again. I have had the wonderful experience of the light coming down and the truth flowing from the Super consciousness (The Lord, God) into what we label our conscious mind.
    Pat, I get it and I am helping others to get it. Your ministry of FAITH has truly been brought into the 21st Century. Pat, I see how you teach others to believe and release the power of faith in their lives. Pat, I truly know that you are an Angel (messenger from God or messenger for God) spreading the teachings of Christ through your ministry of FAITH.
    Hallelujah my brother, my teacher, my mentor and praise be to GOD ALMIGHTY.

  6. susan mills says:

    Have just attended Pat’s event at the Hilton Paddington Hotel. Anyone suffering from lack of self-confidence or self-belief or has a negative mindset, do yourself a favour and attend one of Pat’s events. It will help you change your mindset and give you the power to believe in yourself and that you have in you the capability and confidence to change your life. Just do it!!

  7. Greg says:

    Pat’s ability to inspire others through the Word of God via Reborn Ministries is first class. There is fresh revelation of matters of the heart each week. His track record over the years has seen thousands accept Jesus Christ as their saviour. Join us each Sunday for inspirational teaching and passionate messages, where each week, everyone is reborn.

  8. Ced Grace says:

    I’ m almost 90 and feel the stress of endless reading and possible success doesn’t attract me any more. There are more important things in life, and I mean eternal things. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved. So I must withdraw from further interest, Pat, and thank you for your keen encouragement, Sincerely, Ced Grace.

    • Pat Mesiti says:

      Hey Ced, thank you for sharing your heartfelt thoughts. You’re absolutely right — there are indeed more important things in life, especially when it comes to eternal matters. Your faith in Jesus Christ is truly inspiring, and I commend you for holding onto what truly matters.
      Wishing you all the best on your journey, Ced. May you continue to find peace and fulfilment in the things that truly matter.🌟🙏

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