The Importance of Getting Children to Eat Well

I came across an article this week that said children’s diets need to be controlled by their parents, and their parents must be confident that they can get their children to eat healthy foods. The article was based on new research out of South Australia. I’m not sure what I thought of that conclusion! I
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How to Best Support Parents With Children

In my last blog I looked briefly at how much influence you can have on the children in your life that are not your children, ie grandchildren, nieces and nephews. How much influence can you have on their behaviour, attitudes, diet, values? This is such a delicate, complicated area. It is also difficult if you
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How to Best Support Parents With Children Part Two

In my last blog I looked at the role of grandparents and substitute grandparents – people outside a nuclear family who offer love and support to the parents and children. It can be tricky. Grandparents are being called on more than ever. House prices are high and normally both mum and dad need to work,
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The Benefits of Cutting Alcohol Consumption

Are you out of holiday mode yet, or are you still going to great barbeques and parties, and catching up with old friends and family? I love summer time in Australia. It is the season to get out on boats, fish, swim and socialise, and of course socialising means a few drinks. But have you
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How Ageism is Damaging People’s Health

Anyone over 45 knows that society is ageist, and as you get older you experience more ageism. As you get closer to 70 it gets harder to be served in bars, harder to get shop assistants to notice you and harder to get waiters to pay attention to your order. But a new study has
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Signs You Are Experiencing An Existential Crisis – Part 2

In my last blog, I looked at signs that may indicate personal crisis, ie weight gain, mood fluctuations, lethargy. Today I will look at a few more indicators of personal crisis. The bushfires in Australia have prompted many people to ask what is the meaning of it all, where are we going, and what does
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