The New Language Replacing English

The New Language Replacing English What do you think of corporate speak? Do you know what I mean by that? There are a few words that get thrown around frequently in the business community. They are often used but have almost meaningless – words like buzzworthy, paradigm and expressions like “fully integrated” and “matrix-driven”. What
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Should Our Health Records Be Shared or Private?

Do you remember how angry people were when the federal government tried to introduce its new way of storing people’s health records – My Health? The Federal Government had to make changes to reassure people that their privacy was protected. The health minister Greg Hunt said last year that he was introducing ‘additional reassurances’ to address privacy
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How to Improve Our Mental Health Thanks to Robots

I’m going to begin this blog with a contentious statement – people are stupid! What I mean is that we do not always act in our best interest. We eat too much and get fat. We fail to exercise and our health suffers. We make poor professional decisions. We sabotage relationships with people we love.
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Why Do People Get Obsessions?

Today I want to write about obsessions. I am not just referring to obsessions with ex-lovers or teenaged romantic crushes. People become obsessed with all sorts of things. They can become obsessed about getting even if they feel they were aggrieved. They can become obsessed about their looks and become convinced that they need plastic
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How to Easily Tame an Obsession

We can become obsessed with getting revenge, looking gorgeous, winning back an ex-love, achieving a goal … pretty much anything! However obsessions are exhausting and stop us from enjoying the here and now. They strip us of energy. You cannot overcome an obsession immediately, so I suggest you think about first taming your obsession rather
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The Serious Risks of Social Media and How to Avoid Them

Instagram, the social media website where you post photos, is trying something new. It is looking at what happens when it hides the number of likes on photos and other posts. If you have an Instagram account, you’ll get to see the numbers but your followers won’t – at least, not automatically. They can count
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