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The 8 Biggest Mistakes Businesses Make with Staff

According to the Seek website, about 25% of Australians on the market for a new job are disillusioned with their existing workplace, and too often indentify a bad boss as the reason they want to leave. Do you manage people in a workplace? Do you think you do it well? Alternatively, have you worked in
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Empowering People

How to Make a Full Time Living Helping and Empowering People

Do you have what it takes to empower and inspire people? Have you considered a career in the self-improvement industry? With the rise of the internet, it is easier than ever before to help people turn their lives around and become stronger individuals. People are willing to invest in learning how to enhance their lives. If
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Money Can Buy Happiness Too

How Money Can Buy Happiness

I was very interested to read about the results of a new study that found money can buy you happiness – if you spend your money creating more free time! If you have followed my work over the years, you’ll know that I’m determined to change people’s attitudes towards money. Too many people have failed
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Find Joy in Dull, Mundane Yet Essential Daily Tasks

How to Find Joy in Dull, Mundane Yet Essential Daily Tasks

You may have learnt from experience that it is hard to excel at something you dislike. And it is also highly unlikely that you are going to make good money from doing a job you dislike. I believe that if you don’t love what you do then you need to find something else however the
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Overcoming Personal Biases and Prejudices

The Importance of Overcoming Personal Biases and Prejudices

Have your heard of that funny saying, “I’m not prejudice, I hate everyone!” It means that I’m not biased against any social or ethic group, I look at all of humanity with disdain. It’s not a very healthy way to live! Do you have any prejudices?When my parents first came to Australia after the Second
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Stop Your Feelings From Over-Riding Logic

How to Stop Your Feelings From Over-Riding Logic

​The Prefrontal Cortex versus The Limbic SystemI learnt something about the human brain recently. From an evolution standpoint, the limbic system, which controls emotion, came first. The prefrontal cortex, which controls reasoning, didn’t develop until later. So it makes sense that people’s first reaction to challenging situations is emotional and the rational response follows. For
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