Chris Gray’s Top Tips to Climb the Property Ladder…

1. “Don’t fear the gear” is one of my mantras. Most people are afraid of debt and leverage, as they perceive it as dangerous. However, debt can increase your return and shorten the time it takes to get the return. Debt does increase your risk during a downturn, so every investor needs to do know
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Stop doing these 6 things if you want to be successful!

Habits can be hard to ­break. But some of your bad habits are holding you back. If you want to be successful, you need to get rid of these bad habits. Here are 6 key things to Stop doing if you want to be successful… #1. Stop Quitting Every time life gets hard, you quit.
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Defining Your Dream

Remember the movie, “The Truman Show”? Truman, played by Jim Carrey, was a man trapped in a reality show – only he didn’t know it. Everything about his life was fake and broadcast live for people to watch; only he was the only person who didn’t realize it was show. His family, his job, his
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4 Ways to Live Your Life With Passion

Learn how to find success in all parts of your life so you can live your life with the passion it deserves. Unfortunately, most people are not happy with their lives. They had plans and dreams when they were kids, but somewhere along the line, they forgot about them or decided to give them up.
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Belong Believe Become

BELONG In life, having a sense of belonging is often taken for granted. It’s not until you don’t belong that you realise just how important belonging really is. At the Millionaire Mindset Club we give the opportunity to people who have the desire for something better in their life, to BELONG to a community of
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Discover The First Step You Need To Make To Unlock The Gates Of Your Future…

And no it’s not pretty…It will require you to let go of your past. To bury it once and for all and start welcoming your future…a new future…a future of prosperity. So what is the first step? First of all you need to use your past mistakes, hurts, fears and failures as a springboard to
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