A guide to dealing with ‘slackers’

When you were a child did you dob on your brother or sister if they did something really naughty? Did you tell if they broke something valuable, ate all the lollies or swore? And then would your sibling pay out on you and call you a ‘dobber’ – the great Australian insult? Aren’t you glad
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The Art of Negotiating – The Essentials!

When I think of negotiating I think of high-flyers like Donald Trump, who I was fortunate enough to meet once on a speaking tour. When I think about negotiating I think about powerful executives striking million dollar deals, but the reality is that if you have children, particularly teenagers, you are probably a very practised
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PART 2: How to Turn Setbacks Into Successes

PART TWO: Very recently I discovered TED talks. This is a brilliant free resource. TED stands for technology, entertainment and design. These conferences or public lectures are held in America and Europe and feature many geniuses. You should jump on the TED website and start looking at all the great thinkers who have given TED
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Tips on Helping Someone Deal With Loneliness

Do you know the 1966 Beatles song, ‘Eleanor Rigby’? Part of the song goes, ‘All the lonely people, where do they all come from? All the lonely people, where do they all belong?’ Or, have you ever thought about the words to the Ralph McTell ballad, ‘Streets of London’?: ‘So how can you tell me
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How to Become Highly Influential

What does your work mean to you? Do you go to work just to pay the bills, or is it a place that inspires and interests you? Do you go to work because you have to and the best part of your day is gossiping with colleagues? Or do you go to work because you
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How To Better Manage Our Emotions

I really don’t like hearing stories of road rage. I dislike that people think they can behave like thugs because someone cut them off or blew their horn. Why can’t these people control their anger? Instead they lash out at someone they don’t even know. Can you control your emotions? Are there some emotions you
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