Is It Possible to Stay Optimistic in Tough Times?

How is your year going? I hope you have had some good news. I hope you’ve made progress at work, your relationships are happy and you feel that you are contributing something worthwhile to the world. I will admit that conditions are very challenging this year. The corona virus is just ghastly in China and
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Is It Possible to Work, Study and Re-Invent Yourself

Is It Possible to Work, Study and 
Re-Invent Yourself?

I have a friend who, in recent years, has mastered the art of personal re-invention, but she wasn’t always like that. She was bright at school, but her father was a military man and the family moved constantly. She dropped out of school in Year Ten, after failing to adjust to yet another new school.
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What is the Role of a Leader

What is the Role of a Leader?

Leaders take many shapes and forms. Leaders can be men or women, young or old, native born or migrants. There is no one role model for what a leader should be. The crucial question is what a leader does. Does a leader ‘manage’ people? I think it’s my job to ‘manage’ me and your job
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Do you Know How to Walk

Do you Know How to Walk?

Do you know how to walk? You might think this is a crazy question. Of course, you know how to walk. You’ve been doing it since you were a one-year-old, but the truth is many people have bad walking techniques, which is fine when you’re in your 20s, 30s, even 40s. However, once you get
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Should you Speak Ill of People Who Have Died

Should you Speak Ill of People Who Have Died?

Have you ever lost anyone close to you? A parent perhaps or even a spouse? If you’ve been there, you will know that grief is a strange thing. At first you feel totally and utterly broken hearted – devastated. Then you go into the guilt stage, where you are angry with yourself for not being
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Do You Ever Get Tired of Being a Parent

Do You Ever Get Tired of Being a Parent?

In Australia we have just come to the end of the long summer break, and children are heading back to school after six weeks of rest and recreation. I meet so many parents who tell me that they love their children to pieces but they are so glad they’re going back to school. But mums
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