How Lessons From Religion Are Still Relevant and Can Be Applied Today

As you know I was once a pastor in a Christian church and I still believe that people can get meaningful guidance from religions, like Christianity. I will go further than that and say all religions have something to offer, and it is down to the individual to be open-minded and gracious about their beliefs.
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Why We Are the Stories We Tell Ourselves

Have you ever watched the show, ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire?’. Contestants have to answer general knowledge questions but during the show the hosts tells little anecdotes about the contestants, and the contestants elaborate, explaining that yes, they once did ride a yak in Tibet or were robbed by a gondolier in Venice. These
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Is it Possible to ‘Grow Your Intelligence’?

You know I am a believer in self-improvement. I believe that we all have the capacity to grow and learn regardless of how old we are. You can always teach an old dog like me new tricks! Every single one of us is a work in progress. If you want to be a beautiful work
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Are Women’s Brain’s ‘Kinder’ Than Men’s Brains?

Many of my female friends complain that there just aren’t enough good men out there for all the good women. This got me to wondering if they had a point. Are women really nicer than men? I did some research and according to information I found, there may be some truth in it. The University
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Why Having a Life Purpose Is a Matter of Life and Death

When people ask me what they should do with their lives, I usually start by asking people two key questions: what do you enjoy doing and what do you believe in? If you can unite what you value and what you want to do, you have a winning formula – you have a life’s direction,
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How to Outgrow a Difficult Childhood

I’ve told you once or twice about my childhood – growing up with parents who drank too, and my family was always cash-strapped, but despite that I grew up to write a best-selling book, toured the world as a motivational speaker and made a good living. I managed to get past my childhood – out
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