Why It’s Never Too Late to Exercise

Are you someone who enjoys exercise or are you more of a couch potato? We all know the benefits of exercise – it is good for body and mind. Maybe you’re reluctant to start exercising because you think it’s already too late. You have not exercised much in your life, so why start now? Well,
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Creative Ways to Process Negative Feelings

Are you artistic? Do you draw or sing or write or cook or sculpt? Writing is about as artistic as I get. Do you think it is helpful to use creating as a way of processing hurts or is it better just to escape in another world? Do you write about your laments and regrets
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The Secrets to leading a Meaningful and Happy Life

What does mainstream culture say about happiness? What does it tell us we need to be happy? Do we need fame and tonnes of money? Or do we need meaningful connections with others? A sense of purpose? A sense of self-respect? Be careful not to get sucked in by mainstream media and social media. Modern
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Is the Internet Encouraging Disrespect?

I strongly believe in good manners and treating people with respect. It is not okay to use offensive language and yet the internet is full of racist, sexist and cruel language. I often think of cyber space as the Wild West – there are few rules, anything goes and there are not enough official monitors.
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Good News About Health Program in the Developing World

The media is always reporting doom and gloom from around the world, but in this blog I want to share some wonderful news with you. Australian researchers have been awarded AU$10 million to lead a global program to wipe out scabies – the human parasite linked to severe skin infections, blood poisoning, kidney failure and
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How to Learn to Embrace Failure

Albert Einstein once said, “If you’ve never failed, you’ve never tried anything new.” How often have you failed and how do you feel about your failures? Many famous people failed before achieving their dreams. Beethoven’s music teacher told him he had no talent as a child. Eleven different publishers rejected ‘Harry Potter’, but JK Rowling
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