How Debt Affects Our Health and How to Avoid It

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has found that Australians have a record level of debt. A survey of wealth and income carried out by the bureau shows that in 2017-18 Australians owed $1.10 of debt for every dollar they earned. Our level of debt has increased by 20 per cent in six years. Most of
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The Art Of Thinking Strategically

If you read any corporate job description, you will undoubtedly find that the job calls for a ‘strategic thinker’. ‘Strategic’ has become one of those catch-cry words of the corporate world. It is used so frequently it has almost become meaningless. A strategy is a plan or scheme, but how do you think ‘strategically’? What
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The Proven Way to Increase Your Life Expectancy

A few years ago I got into jogging – and couldn’t stop. I did some extreme runs – between cities! I’m not going to encourage you to start running marathons but I do want to talk up the benefits of walking. I say take every opportunity you can to walk. It’s fine to have lofty
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What is The Ideal Number of Work Hours in a Week?

Studies consistently show that people employed full-time would generally prefer to work less hours, meanwhile other studies have found that being totally unemployed is very bad for people’s mental health, so the question is, what is the ideal number of work for optimum physical and mental health? It turns out it is just eight hours
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The Unhealthy Relationships To Food That Stem From Childhood

Today I want to look at our relationship to food, particularly snacking. How much food should you eat as snacks? How much of your daily energy should you consume through meals and how much should you consume through snacking? Ideally, dieticians tell us we should get 80 per cent of our energy through three regular
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The Worst Childhood Habits and How to Avoid Them

I often write about how important it is to establish life habits that will set you up for success. You know I’m an advocate of exercise, eating well, early to bed and early to rise, ongoing learning, giving to the needy, and establishing meaningful personal goals. You also know that it is challenging to actually
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