How Nick Vujicic Unlocked His Personal Happiness And Discovered His Life Purpose.

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EVERYONE has a purpose for their life. A reason they were put on this Earth. Unique talents and gifts they were meant to share with this world.

nick-swimmingLiving true to your purpose is the key to unlocking your personal happiness. It allows you to live a life of passion and inspiration. And the world benefits because you get to share your greatest gifts and help others.

By way of illustration let me tell you the story of Nick Vujicic – who was born without arms or legs – and how he became “ridiculously happy” when he finally discovered his life’s purpose.

Nick Vujicic was born in Melbourne without legs or arms.

When he was born it was a complete shock to his parents that he was limbless. The two ultrasounds performed during his mother's pregnancy failed to detect anything unusual.

It took a lot to get over their shock but Nick’s parents managed to do just that and decided to get on with living life and raising their new boy.

While Nick was born without limbs, he was born with two slightly malformed feet.

His left foot in particular was strong and gave him mobility. He instinctively used it to roll himself around, kick, shock and brace himself.

After separating the two little toes fused together on his left, Nick gained the freedom to operate custom built electronic wheelchairs, computers and phones too.

nick-babyNick’s early years were tough to say the least.

His classmates often assumed he was mentally as well as physically handicapped.

They kept their distance. It was up to Nick to strike up conversations in the lunchroom or hallways.

Unfortunately there were a few cruel kids who called him names like ‘freak’ and ‘alien’.

When Nick was just ten years old he felt alone and couldn’t see any point in his life.

One day sitting on the kitchen countertop and watching his mother cook dinner, Nick became overwhelmed with negative thoughts.

He was struck by the idea that he didn’t want to hang around and be a burden to his mother anymore and felt the sudden urge to kill himself.

Nick later found himself alone in the family bath. In this moment he decided to end his life by drowning himself.
He flipped over face first into the water and waited for him to pass out.

As the seconds passed however he thought of his family and the guilt they would live with if he killed himself. That was enough to convince him to flip back onto his back and abandon his suicide plans.

After confiding in his brother about his suicidal thoughts, Nick’s father sat down to talk to Nick.

Nick explained his sorrow of not being able to do the things that other kids his age took for granted and reasoned that his life had no meaning because he could never get a job or find love when he grew up.

Nick’s father listened and when it came time, convinced Nick that his life definitely had a purpose and that one day he would discover it.

Nick trusted his Dad and felt lighter for unloading his burdens. He slept soundly after their talk.

nick-skateWhen Nick was 16, Nick started speaking with a great guy named Mr Arnold at his school.

Mr Arnold was the school janitor and led Christian youth discussions at lunch times.

He invited Nick to join their group and later to share his story with their members. It took persistence, but Nick eventually agreed.

When the big day came, Nick got up in front of the group and spoke for ten minutes about what it was like to grow up with no arms and legs.

He told the sad stories and the funny stories too. He didn't want to sound like a victim so told of his triumphs as well.

When his speech ended, he looked up and was surprised to see most of the kids in the room crying.

He later asked Mr Arnold, “Was I that bad?” Mr Arnold replied, “No, you were that good!”

That speech started Nick’s life on a new path, although he didn’t realize it at the time.

Over the next two years Nick received dozens of invitations to speak at church groups, youth organizations and service clubs.

At first Nick’s informal talks were a way for him to reach out and make friends.

It took a while for him to realize that what he was saying had a positive impact on others as well.

The realization came when Nick was 17 and talking to a group of around three hundred year ten students, the biggest group he had addressed at that point.

As Nick was talking about the unique challenges he faced, a girl in the audience completely broke down and began sobbing.

She then raised her hand and asked Nick if she could come up and give Nick a hug. Nick was surprised and invited her up.

She wiped away her tears and walked to the front of the room then gave Nick a huge hug, one that Nick describes as “one of the best of my life”.

By then nearly everyone in the room was teary eyed, including Nick.

The girl then whispered into Nick’s ear, “Nobody has ever told me that I'm beautiful the way that I am. No one has ever said that they love me. You've changed my life and you are a beautiful person too.”

Up to that point, Nick had questioned his own worth. But that experience gave him a new perspective.

Nick began to realize his disability may also be a blessing in disguise.

It offered him a unique opportunity to reach others, empathize with them, understand their pain and offer them comfort and guidance in ways that other people could not.

It made him realize that his physical limitations could also be an extraordinary gift. And that being different might just help him contribute something special to the world.

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What’s your Purpose?

nick-speakerAccording to Nick: “There’s a wonderful truth so central to living. I find it extraordinary that schools do not teach it. The essential truth is this: Each of us has some gift – a talent, a skill, a craft, a knack – that gives us pleasure and engages us, and the path to our happiness often lies within that gift.”

Without purpose in your life, your goals and actions may not ultimately fulfill you.

But when you discover and live true to your purpose however, magic starts to happen.

Today Nick’s life is beyond anything he could have imagined.

He has travelled across 44 countries and taken his message of hope and resilience to millions.

He has appeared on media outlets throughout the world including the Oprah Winfrey Network, 60 Minutes, TED Talks, Channel NewsAsia, America's 20/20 News and more.

And every day he hears from strangers via telephone, e-mail, text and social media and is approached in airports, hotels and restaurants by people telling him that he has touched them in some way.

As Nick describes, “I am truly blessed. I am ridiculously happy!”

So what’s your life purpose?

The answer could be the key you're looking for to unlocking your personal happiness and fulfillment and Living The Dream.

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Pat Mesiti is a best-selling author, coach and educator in the area of personal development. Having built some of Australia’s largest people-driven organisations, Pat understands the power of harnessing human potential. He has shared the stage with some of the world’s great business minds and has sold over millions of copies of his books and materials.


  1. Nicola alison says:

    “Thank you” you are an inspiration to us all 🙂 from one nic to another. Great you found your calling in life…
    Living the dream i so agree with you that everyone of us has a gift to share & help others in someway. Nic

  2. Pastor Lam Kee Hing says:

    Thank you very much Pat for sharing the life story of Nick. I am writing a book called DISCOVER YOUR LIFE PURPOSE , the key to true joy and meaning in life. Nick’s story is a perfect illustration to us to inspire others

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