Persevere in Business for Faster Success

How to Persevere in Business for Faster Success

I’ve been on the road, taking my Passion to Profit tour around Australia and again encouraging people to pursue their dreams and get into business! What impresses me most about the people I’m meeting is their enthusiasm. Their belief in themselves and what they have to offer is inspirational, but the truth is that anyone
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Become Online Business Savvy

How to Become Online Business Savvy

If you want to turn your passion into profit, you will need to market your new enterprise online. During my recent tour I explained that there are clever people out there who can help you. You can employ someone to do all your social media, build your website, even make snazzy videos of you to
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Raise funds through crowdfunding

How Australian Businesses Could Raise Capital through Crowdfunding

Major AnnouncementThe big news in Australian business last week was that the Federal Government introduced legislation that could allow companies to use crowdfunding to raise capital. The Labor Party hasn’t yet said how it will vote on this.Crowdfunding is when a large number of people each contribute relatively small amounts to fund a project, venture
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Find Your Brand's Voice

How to Find Your Brand’s Voice

The internet has really changed the way we communicate. I was speaking to a journalist recently who told me that when he started writing for newspapers thirty years ago the average length of a sentence was 25 words, but now sentences in newspapers and online are getting shorter. Often they only run to 18 words.
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Teach your children to be entrepreneurs

How to Teach Your Children to be Entrepreneurs

The 5-year-old EntrepreneurDid you read the news about a five-year-old girl in London who set up a lemonade stall in a street? There was a music festival nearby and she thought it would be nice to sell cold home-made lemonade to people attending that festival. Within half an hour of opening her stand four council
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How to become a self-starter

How to Become a Self-Starter

This year I’ve had a wonderful time writing and speaking about how to turn your passion into profit. I’ve been encouraging you to take the plunge and convert your hobby, passion or brilliant idea into a thriving business. One of the reasons this resonates with people is because full-time jobs are fast disappearing in Australia
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