The COVID-19 Pandemic As Our Ultimate Strength Test

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I was talking to a Vietnam veteran who for decades was haunted by what he saw in the battlefield. He had mental health problems, his marriage was under stress and he couldn't imagine ever finding a place in the community that made him happy. 

He saw a psychiatrist for years and eventually somehow turned his life around.  What I find amazing about him today is that he says he would not change one thing about his past. This man has truly been through hell and back in Vietnam, and yet he can now value the good and the bad and be grateful for everything he is experienced. 

Isn't that amazing no bitterness no regrets. What a way to live! Do you think we will ever get to a point in our lives when we are grateful to have lived through this pandemic?  When we will actually be glad that it arrived and prompted us to restructure our lives and think about our future.

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I know there are people out there who have lost businesses and careers and can't see a way forward. But when you stay strong and keep strong you find happiness again.  Always remember that you are so much more than your work or even your main relationship. 

Most of you may be acquainted with my books, TV appearances charity projects online training or stage talks.  For others this may be the first time you've ever picked up a book authored by yours truly. 

Pat Mesiti UnBreakable Book

I have written a new book Unbreakable capitalising on the greatest wealth transfer online. I hope it touches and inspires you but more than that I hope it leads you to abundance and prosperity.

You see I've experienced some of the highest highs and some of the lowest lows. Now I'm not alone in this, everyone goes through challenges and challenging periods in their lives, but I've learned how to bounce back, even better I’ve discovered how to soar above adversity, and I want you to do the same; in fact, I know you can.

Lots of my life has been full of triumphs and tragedies my experiences aren’t unique. For many of us Ronan Keating’s hit song “Life Is A Rollercoaster” rings very true. 

Life is like that; we can’t ignore it. But wouldn't it be great to be able to bounce back after every challenge, but even better wouldn’t it be great to be able to bounce back higher every time?

In a nutshell the pandemic has taught us that we are all so connected.  We can still run successful businesses from home and even do our work shifts from home.

It has also taught us how precious life is and how much family matters.  We might complain about our life and family members but when we can't live our life the way we want to or see our family when we want to, then we realise that all this time we have been blessed. Blessed to have the family we have and blessed to have the life we have.

This pandemic has taught us there are always positives to be found, always a silver lining even amidst a threatening storm cloud. It has forced us to take a big step back and think about what we really want from life and to be happy and prosperous.  

Experts say it takes about 21 days to form a habit. I wonder what it would take to go one step further and completely change life patterns developed over years. I wonder how long it would take to develop a brand new lifestyle, a new way of thinking? More importantly how do we actually avoid developing habits that will derail a successful life?

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How do we become successful in spite of our weaknesses and struggles? How do we rise triumphant when from one day to the next, we’re forced to close our businesses and forced to stop living on our own terms?   

The simple answer is by learning from our past, adapting to current circumstances and reinventing ourselves. You see everybody fails. It's a fact of life.  There is no one on this planet who at some point in their journey has not failed. 

What is important is how you rebuild your life.  The principles I'm going to share with you in my new book Unbreakable are life principles.  This book is about the tragedies and mistakes that give rise to triumph, to greatness and to winning.

I want to take you on a journey and share with you the lessons I've learned and I'm still learning.  I'm also going to share with you the experiences of some great men and women in history and how they adapted to change and overcame big obstacles and roadblocks.

If you read a chapter every day, you'll find your life will have changed literally within days and you'll be armed with the knowledge to change your circumstances from failure to success …

Until next time

Yours in Prosperity

Pat Mesiti


Pat Mesiti is a best-selling author, coach and educator in the area of personal development. Having built some of Australia’s largest people-driven organisations, Pat understands the power of harnessing human potential. He has shared the stage with some of the world’s great business minds and has sold over millions of copies of his books and materials.


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