8 x Live Online Training Sessions With Pat Mesiti

Wealth Evolution is an online event to discover your relationship with money, what is holding you back and help you find the Pathway forward. You will discover and understand your money profile.

Gain the tools you need to prosper in your financial wealth, relationships, health and business. You will discover the daily habits of the world's most successful people so you can simply model success. As we go through the "12 Steps to Discovering your Prosperity", you will experience many 'aha' moments and new understandings will cement themselves in your physique.

VALUED $3997

BONUS 1 – Living The Dream

In this program - identify, own and clarify your dream into action. Learn how to eradicate the fear of failure from your future and to focus on your potential instead of your limitations.

VALUED $1997

BONUS 2 – University Of Success

You can go to university and get a degree but stay broke, however this university is 21 years of experience, in areas of leadership, millionaire philosophies on sales and how to build a massive business.

VALUED $1997

BONUS 3 – Prosperity Accelerator

The Prosperity Accelerator is the fastest way to wealth. A personal development program that will help you identify your blockages and make room for the wealth and abundance to flow in your life. Prosperity Accelerator makes creating wealth easier by dealing with the root causes

VALUED $1997

BONUS 4 – The Mind To Succeed

The Power of Personal Development and Sales Success. Sales success and personal development are powerfully linked together. Your sales and income will grow in direct proportion to your personal growth.

VALUED $1997


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