Have you ever dreamed of being more wealthy, powerful and influential but sometimes feel guilty or ashamed of having materialistic thoughts?

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“This is a challenging book with practical suggestions for maximum achievement in the stewardship of life. Read it and increase your self-worth.” – Dr. Robert H. Schuller

In this book you’ll discover:


How to control your money instead of money controlling you


Why wealth and opportunity is everywhere and all around you, and how to find and take advantage of wealth and opportunity


How to attract wealth and happiness in your life without the guilt or shame of being labelled “materialistic” or “not spiritual”


Why some people seem to attract wealth and abundance easily and some don’t and what you can do to improve your current financial circumstances


Why understanding what money really is, is the key to attracting more of it throughout your life


The biggest lessons Peter J Daniels learnt from being broke to wealthy and how his journey can help you get what you want, when you want it

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“Peter Daniels invested more than 50 years writing this book! How do I know? Because it is the distilled essence of his life long odyssey. His life is a 20th Century miracle embodied in the principle of this volume”. “I have read and re-read this book. “Make it your manual for maximising the resources God has given you. I immediately ordered 100 copies to give to my friends who believe they too are responsible to move towards their God-given potential.”

Paul J. Meyer

“Peter Daniels has realised the truth of the parable of the ten talents; the faithful steward is entrusted with additional talents, additional opportunity, and additional responsibility.”

Dr. Robert H. Schuller

“How to be Happy Though Rich is not about getting—it’s about giving. I couldn’t agree more wholeheartedly with the author’s premise. This is a challenging book with practical suggestions for maximum achievement in the stewardship of life. Read it and increase your self-worth.”

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Who is Peter J. Daniels?

Peter J Daniels came from a broken home, he quit school at the age of 14, branded by his teacher as an illiterate “who would never amount to anything.”

A messenger boy … a cleaner … a milk vendor … a factory hand, the young Peter Daniels tried it all, eventually becoming a bricklayer in an attempt to break into the building industry.”

“In 1959 his life changed forever. Along with his wife, Robina, he attended a Billy Graham Crusade”

Since, Peter J. Daniels became a well-known and respected international business statesman of substance. He is the mentor to whom Pat Mesiti owes most of his successes. He has authored over twenty books distributed worldwide in many languages. He has been honored by universities, institutions, and governments, for his entrepreneurial ability and benevolence and has served on International Boards with some of the world’s greatest intellectual, business, academic and corporate giants of the 20th and 21st centuries.

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