One thing I do that’s terrible

Posted on: March 25th, 2024 in Mindset by Pat Mesiti | 6 Comments

There’s one thing that I do often: make mistakes.

I’ve made many over the years which have led to me losing a lot.

But one thing’s for sure is that we can’t “camp at the alter of mistakes” and I explain why in this video and also share how to overcome any mistakes you make more easily.

Yours in Prosperity,

Pat Mesiti


Pat Mesiti is a best-selling author, coach and educator in the area of personal development. Having built some of Australia’s largest people-driven organisations, Pat understands the power of harnessing human potential. He has shared the stage with some of the world’s great business minds and has sold over millions of copies of his books and materials.


  1. Brenda Wilson says:

    Hello Pat,
    You are full of wisdom, thank you so much for sharing.
    Kind Regards.
    Brenda Wilson

  2. Diana George says:

    Hi Pat
    I like your message about moving on from our mistakes, which I always try to do. However, often times it’s hard to recover from a mistake even if you’ve learned from it, especially if you’re now a retiree.
    Could you suggest a strategy to earn some extra income that’s straight forward to implement, as a start. Some time ago you had a presentation on a Bitcoin AI trading method. For some reason, I’m unable to listen to Zoom podcasts without lagging and interruptions to the feed.
    Suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Kind regards
    Diana George

    • Pat Mesiti says:

      Hey Diana, learning to move on from mistakes is key to personal growth. It can be challenging, especially in retirement, but remember, every setback is an opportunity for a comeback. Keep focusing on the lessons learned and embrace the journey ahead. You’ve got this! For inquiries regarding strategies to earn extra income, my office will be in contact with you.

  3. Pamela Maxwell says:

    Hi Pat,
    So glad to be receiving Monday Motivation again.
    Mistakes are for us to learn by, not camp in the mistake itself.

    • Pat Mesiti says:

      You hit the nail on the head – mistakes are stepping stones, not stumbling blocks. It’s all about learning, growing, and moving forward with newfound wisdom. Keep that positive mindset shining bright! 💪🌟

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