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What Are The Social Rules for Texting and Social Media?

Do you communicate via text? Do you post regularly on Facebook? Or are you really tech savvy and you contact people via Snapchat and Instagram? I know a lot of people who text and keep in contact with people using Facebook. But what are the social rules governing texting and social media? How often do
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Is it Safe to Travel Overseas at the Moment

Is it Safe to Travel Overseas at the Moment?

Almost 85,000 people around the world are now infected with the coronavirus, and the death toll has exceeded 2,700. People are understandably fearful of travelling overseas. Flight Centre, the travel agency, expects the crisis to cost it between $70 million to $240 million. It is true that fewer people are travelling now. Coronavirus is the
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How to Prepare for a Pandemic

How are you feeling about the coronavirus? Stories about this new virus lead every news report. It is all over social media. I googled coronavirus and in 0.48 seconds google found 2,270,000,000 stories referencing corona. Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he accepts a pandemic will breakout and the government has started getting ready. They are
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Are Mobile Phones Re-Programming People’s Brains

Are Mobile Phones Re-Programming People’s Brains?

Do you reach for your phone the moment you wake up and check your messages? Do you look at your phone when you wake up in the night? Are you a hard-core phone addict? At first the health experts feared radiation from phones could lead to cancer. Those fears were unfounded, however that is not
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How to Strengthen Your Mind (and Health) Ahead of Ageing

The incidence of diseases that affect the mind is climbing. More and more people are suffering dementia, Alzheimer’s and other conditions that cause cognitive decline as they age. More than 342,000 Australians are living with dementia—a number expected to increase to 400,000 in less than a decade. I think it’s now the sixth leading cause
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New Study Finds Cancer Could Be Picked Up Years Before It Actually Appears

A new study has found that scientists may soon be able to diagnose cancer even before we develop it. This would be wonderful as it would mean people could be treated so much earlier. It would radically improve survival rates.  Cancer still causes so many people so much pain. I’m sure you’ve also been touched
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Is It Possible to Stay Optimistic in Tough Times

Is It Possible to Stay Optimistic in Tough Times?

How is your year going? I hope you have had some good news. I hope you’ve made progress at work, your relationships are happy and you feel that you are contributing something worthwhile to the world. I will admit that conditions are very challenging this year. The corona virus is just ghastly in China and
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Is It Possible to Work, Study and Re-Invent Yourself

Is It Possible to Work, Study and 
Re-Invent Yourself?

I have a friend who, in recent years, has mastered the art of personal re-invention, but she wasn’t always like that. She was bright at school, but her father was a military man and the family moved constantly. She dropped out of school in Year Ten, after failing to adjust to yet another new school.
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