You can’t change what you tolerate

Posted on: May 8th, 2023 in Mindset by Pat Mesiti | 6 Comments

I often hear people say things like:

“I don’t like how I’m being treated” or “I don’t like the level of my health” etc…

But people tolerate things they don’t like in their lives.

So today, I share with you exactly what to do to stop tolerating what is toxic in your
life and experience real change.


Pat Mesiti is a best-selling author, coach and educator in the area of personal development. Having built some of Australia’s largest people-driven organisations, Pat understands the power of harnessing human potential. He has shared the stage with some of the world’s great business minds and has sold over millions of copies of his books and materials.


  1. Andrew says:

    Really enjoyed the message today Pat.
    Thank you.

  2. Gene Wyngaard says:

    This is a wake up call reminder for me. Thank you. People are not a problem. My health at age 70 is excellent but there’s still a few things I will NO LONGER tolerate! These include some of my bad habits like too much social media scrolling, procrastinating on important tasks and often being in a less than good financial position! I’m fed up with these. Time for action! Thanks for the reminder Pat.

  3. Gene Wyngaard says:

    I have just created, printed off and laminated an in-your-face poster to stick on the wall in my office saying ‘YOU CAN’T CHANGE WHAT YOU TOLERATE!’

  4. zdenka says:

    That is precisely right Pat. Very obvious but ignored truth. Thank you for bringing this principle to light.

  5. Maree says:

    Thank you Pat, muchly needed today to stay on track.

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