The Greatest Wealth And Prosperity Principle Of All Time

Posted on: November 28th, 2016 in mindset by Pat Mesiti | 7 Comments

I often hear people say: “I just need enough money to put food on the table, no more”. When you think about it, that’s a selfish attitude. You and I should be able to earn enough money to put food on our own table and someone else’s table too. Why be content with just enough money to look after our own needs? There are lots of people around us in greater need, and we can do something to help them.

In fact, the process of contributing, giving and helping, is the greatest wealth and prosperity principle of all time and is called “the law of investment and return” or “the law of seedtime and harvest”.

Pat Mesiti with Frankie J. Holder

Pat Mesiti with Frankie J. Holden

Unfortunately, a lot of people never share anything they earn and when they spend it, they spend it on themselves thinking they will derive the most value from it that way. But, the real value is in releasing it to meet another person’s need. To prosperous people, they know the power of giving or sharing generates a hundredfold return. In other words, your investment today, guarantees your future.

Remember, often the difference between your investment and your return on investment is time. You can’t skip any step of this process: investment over time brings a return. Notice it’s called “the law of seedtime and harvest”. Time is important. We cannot expect a harvest immediately. It takes time and nurturing and watering for the seed to take root and grow, but once it has matured it will bear fruit in your life and in the life of others.

The miracle of the law of seedtime and harvest also requires action. A farmer can’t stand in his field and say: “Come on, give me crops”. He has to invest in that field through work. That’s the only way that law will work for you. The bridge between today and your harvest is action. And if you’re wondering how long you should be investing for, the answer is simpl: until you receive what you are after. And only you, knows what it is that you are after. For one person it might be until they make a net profit of a million dollars, for another person it might be until their children are financially secure.

This law is probably the most powerful law in the universe. If you get it right, it affects everything you do. Your attitude to giving will affect the quality of your return. Some people give things they don’t want anymore. For example, they’ll donate their old, warn-out, old fashioned clothes. That’s not giving. That’s decluttering! If you donate what you don’t want, you’ll receive what you don’t want.

I have learned that if you want a life of abundance and prosperity, you have to be generous, not just charitable. Remember, whatever you want in life, you have to give it away first.

This is why I am always looking for opportunities to be generous. And, this is why every year for the past 8 years I’ve been hosting “La Dolce Vita” gala charity event at Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast where about 100 business people from around Australia raise thousands of dollars for charitable causes.

This year, we raised $105,078 for She Rescue Home in Cambodia for sexually exploited girls.

Leigh received a cheque at Pat Mesiti Event

Leigh received a cheque at Pat Mesiti Event

SHE Rescue Home exists as a safe-haven for girls normally aged 5 to 16 who have been trafficked, raped, prostituted or at-risk of any of these. There are complex issues that contribute to a girl's vulnerability to trafficking. Factors such as poverty, abuse, trickery or deception and unemployment or addiction in the family unit. The SHE Rescue Home works in partnership with local and international agencies in Cambodia to give girls, as well as their families and communities, opportunities to reshape their lives.

She Rescue Home founder Leigh Ramsey, who is based on the Gold Coast was completely amazed and overwhelmed by the generosity of people at the event and said this was the largest one-off amount raised since the charity founded eight years ago.

The amount raised will help re-habilitate and provide a safe-haven for about 10 girls aged six to 15 in Cambodia, who have worked as sex slaves, been prostituted, trafficked or had any form of sexual exploitation.

Every girl taken to She Rescue Home in Phnom Penh costs $12,000 a year to pay for things such as social workers, house mums, beds, transport, new sewing centre and education.

To this day, I have helped raise $1 million dollars for charities including the Daniel Morcombe Foundation, Day of Difference with Ron and Sophie Delizio, Teen Challenge, Vision Rescue, The A21 Campaign and the Irene Gleeson Foundation.

From being dyslexic and told I would ‘never amount to anything’ by a few teachers from LaSalle Catholic College… after being raised in an extremely dysfunctional home in Sydney to Italian parents, rife with violence and alcoholism… after suffering bouts of depression, having suicidal tendencies, divorce, misinformed media scrutiny, public ridicule and almost complete financial loss…

I have gone on to publish nine books, translated in 12 languages, sell 700,000 copies worldwide and gone on to speak onstage before millions of people worldwide alongside the likes of Richard Branson, Donald Trump and Jim Rohn.

I always knew deep down that the only way I could turn my situation around was to contribute. There’s never been a monument erected to a taker. The highest form of greatness is what you give to other people – your time, your talent, your treasure.

To find out more about She Rescue Home, please go to:


Pat Mesiti is a best-selling author, coach and educator in the area of personal development. Having built some of Australia’s largest people-driven organisations, Pat understands the power of harnessing human potential. He has shared the stage with some of the world’s great business minds and has sold over millions of copies of his books and materials.


  1. Frank Green says:

    Raylee & I were only talking at the “La Dolce Vita” this year and we agreed that we both felt good for having been part of the last 3 years events there and saw the impact we were able to have, in our own small way, on the Irene Gleeson Foundation, the Daniel Morcombe Foundation, and of couse this year with the She Rescue Home. Not to mention the atmosphere!

    Your right of course with your words about developing the mindset of being a giver and not a taker. The journey of continuing on this pathway, in the face of adversity, does test our belief in these values. It’s also good to know that we are not alone. The challenge for each of us on our journey, and me in particular, was to develop the mindset belief(trust) that it will happen and push forward.
    Frank Green

  2. Graham and Robin says:

    Thanks Pat, this is very inspiring and we were glad to contribute to this great cause.

  3. Ron Taylor says:

    Your generosity of spirit shines through in the above comments which are spot on.
    All those that are focuses on “What’s in it for Me” miss out on the far greater opportunities to us all to create true wealth in life and lifestyle with contribution.

  4. Steven says:

    Well done Pat. You said La Dolce Vita is an incredible event and it was mate. What a ball.

  5. Libby Stone says:

    Dear Pat,
    I’m so glad you keep on giving us this message: it is what we all need to hear deep in our soul.
    We feel blessed to be able to help in our own small way.

  6. Gina Scriven says:

    i like the phrase “If you donate what you don’t want, then you will receive more of what you don’t want”. Many people get it mixed up, they justify giving to others their unwanted clothing or kitchen ware as giving, and that it is being recycled. The reality is true giving is giving away ALL of your cloths and kitchen ware for you to be able to harvest when you truly need some clothing or kitchenware.
    The law of seed, time and harvest has no grey areas. It is great to be reminded of this.

  7. Cora Inguanti says:

    This current blog hit home for me big time. Since attending the Pathways To Prosperity weekend this Dec 2016 in QLD, my brain, spirit and heart has just woken up after being switched off by a trauma and numb for almost 7 seven years now. My mind is now floading and racing through all the projects and ambitions I had in the past to foster many small projects, charity fund raisers and assisting a Church Ministry by volunteering my services. My vision has just expanded by 80% and I can’t wait to get started again, to do the work I was called to do. I now know I was heading on the right path. Thank you for inspiring me to “Get Up” again and contribute more to my seeds so that my harvest can help and assist so many more individuals to do the same I.e by paying it forward. God Bless you, you are special to so many. Cora Inguanti

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