Do you suffer from this disease?

Posted on: February 6th, 2023 in Mindset by Pat Mesiti | 1 Comment

It’s deadly and it’s spreading.

It’s a disease I call “blametitis”.

We all suffer from it at some point in our lives. Chances are, you’re suffering from it right now, and you don’t know it.

But all it takes to cure this disease, is one thing.

And when you overcome “blametitis” you’ll never look back. Your problems, worries and everything that weighs you down will slowly disappear.

This is what today’s message is all about.

Pat Mesiti


Pat Mesiti is a best-selling author, coach and educator in the area of personal development. Having built some of Australia’s largest people-driven organisations, Pat understands the power of harnessing human potential. He has shared the stage with some of the world’s great business minds and has sold over millions of copies of his books and materials.


  1. Linda Thompson says:

    So true…Excellent

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