Conceive And Believe Your Dream – Part 2

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In my previous blog post we talked about how to conceive and believe your dream an in that section we spoke about the head. Well today we're going to talk about the mind to continue on our journey.


The mind of a dreamer is in forward or positive gear. A visionary is a creative thinker, diligent, persevering, coming up with solutions and not dwelling on problems.

“As a man thinks so he is”, says the Bible. In other words, you are what you think. Your mind affects your behaviour.

One of the most undervalued parts of the mind is our imagination. It's also one of the most misused.

Everything that exists – cause, planes, houses, even chairs and coffee mugs began as an image in someone’s imagination.

What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve

you can imagine your future, your successes and your achievements right inside your head. Over and over again. Just like a full colour surround sound movie, except there's no popcorn or Coke.

Set your mind to conceive and believe. Conceive and believe your dream.

Think about it: you're only limited by the boundaries you place on yourself. Dream about contentedness, about the house you want to live in, about the organisations or causes you want to support.

Dream about the career you want to pursue and the effect it will have. Dream about having a loving, supporting family. The power of the human

mind and our capacity to dream is God created and beyond our comprehension.

Do you want to build a home to your own floor plans? Imagine it. Do you want to travel Interstate or overseas on holidays? Imagine it. Do you want to be managing director or #1 Sales Executive? Imagine it. Do you want to write a cheque to a charity for $10,000? Imagine it.

Don't limit yourself, dream big dreams, tackle great challenges.

When Youth Alive rallies drew crowds of several hundred people I was imagining 1,000 in front of me. When we had 1,000 people I could see 2,000 in my mind. I used to go to the biggest auditorium for rock concerts in my city and imagine myself on stage. People would ask me how we were going to fill it and I'd reply, “we've already been there in my mind”. Today, I imagine huge crowds filling the largest sporting venue in the country.

Find a quiet place

It's good to find a quiet place where you can relax and let your mind go. I do a lot of my imagining when I'm driving the car (Don't worry I keep my eyes open!). this is not some weird mind game where you lose control. Rather it is controlled thinking.

The biblical proverb is correct: “as a man thinks so he is”. I've read about a basketball team in the U S which imagined shooting baskets whilst other players trained regularly each day. After a week they all got together to compare their improvement. The ones who saw themselves getting baskets and slam dunks improved the same as the ones who trained! 

Feed your powerful imagination

You need to feed your imagination. If you'd like a new car, take one for a test drive, smell the interior, hear the engine, touch the body work. Get colour brochures, fabrics watches and get emotional about it – Conceive and believe your dream

Emotion and imagination are the fuel that will get you closer to your dream

Kids feed their imagination. They have posters, models, photos and things all over their bedroom walls. Rock stars, racing drivers, bikes, planes, movie stars. Surround yourself with your future.

If you don't feel confident about this, I suggest that you find people who are doing what you would like to do. Listen to them, feed off their imagination an enthusiasm. The people who are regarded as my heroes back in the days when youth alive started out are now my peers.

Stinking thinking

Negative thinking, like the common “it's never been done before” mentality, has hindered many a great dream: here's a list of what negativity does

1. Negativity cripples growth, hinders and stunts your future progress

How motivated do you think people will be if they are always hearing reasons why “it can't be done”?  for example, your business can't grow because it's a time of recession…..

2. Negativity makes excuses rather than opportunities

For every opportunity you will find someone with an excuse. This is the pattern of the negative mindset. Rather, a dreamer needs to find an opportunity and take hold of it. Don't make excuses.

3. Negativity builds doubt rather than faith

Negativity thrives on doubt. When we started to expand youth alive in order to impact the lives of young people, the voices of doubt rose up even from so-called advisors. I quickly learned that success is not built on the negative voice of doubt but on a foundation of faith.

4. Negativity reproduces itself and this causes friction and division

It is amazing how negative people can find each other in a crowd. They send out this radar beam that says “no, it's impossible”.

5. Negativity promotes an underachiever mentality 

A positive person is one who knows they can achieve. Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, either way you are right.

6. Negativity lacks purpose and joy

Your mindset affects you emotionally. Negativity can cause misery an ill health where as positive thinking and belief can create a life of joy and satisfaction.

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7. Negativity pulls down instead of building up 

People with the negative mindset always find fault. A positive mindset finds answers.

8. Negativity binds the capacity to dream

Negativity is a limitation factor. It places boundaries and limits to how far you can go, how big your business can grow, how many goals you can score in a sporting event, how much you deserve to earn in your business.

9. Negativity justifies its own existence

I'm allowed to be what I am because of my family upbringing. I can't make it to the top because of where I live.

10. Negativity contaminates relationships

Negative people will always find the worst points in others. A dreamer will only see the best and that comes out of a positive mindset.

Feel good or bad it's up to you

Until next time

Yours in prosperity

Pat Mesiti


Pat Mesiti is a best-selling author, coach and educator in the area of personal development. Having built some of Australia’s largest people-driven organisations, Pat understands the power of harnessing human potential. He has shared the stage with some of the world’s great business minds and has sold over millions of copies of his books and materials.


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