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Find Your Brand's Voice

How to Find Your Brand’s Voice

The internet has really changed the way we communicate. I was speaking to a journalist recently who told me that when he started writing for newspapers thirty years ago the average length of a sentence was 25 words, but now sentences in newspapers and online are getting shorter. Often they only run to 18 words.
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Teach your children to be entrepreneurs

How to Teach Your Children to be Entrepreneurs

The 5-year-old EntrepreneurDid you read the news about a five-year-old girl in London who set up a lemonade stall in a street? There was a music festival nearby and she thought it would be nice to sell cold home-made lemonade to people attending that festival. Within half an hour of opening her stand four council
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How to come up with a brillaint idea

How to Come Up with a Brilliant Business Idea

The Story of Bette Nesmith GrahamI am fascinated by entrepreneurs who come up with one brilliant idea which makes them millions. One of my favourite entrepreneurs is the late great Bette Nesmith Graham. Most of you will be too young to remember her. In the 1950s she was a single mother who worked as a
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Billion Dollar Industry

How to Tap Into a Billion Dollar Industry and Prosper

Earlier this year I blogged about the growth of the self-improvement industry. By self-improvement I’m talking about helping people to improve physically, mentally, financially and spiritually. As you know I take a holistic approach to prosperity and well-being. I believe that every individual has the ability to prosper and reap abundance in this world, but
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The Art of Elegant Self-Promotion

The Art of Elegant Self-Promotion

If you have your own business or enterprise, you already know how important marketing is. It is imperative that you have a strong market presence and be out there convincing consumers that your product is good. Too often if you are a small business owner, you become the face of the business – and your
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Stop Your Feelings From Over-Riding Logic

How to Stop Your Feelings From Over-Riding Logic

​The Prefrontal Cortex versus The Limbic SystemI learnt something about the human brain recently. From an evolution standpoint, the limbic system, which controls emotion, came first. The prefrontal cortex, which controls reasoning, didn’t develop until later. So it makes sense that people’s first reaction to challenging situations is emotional and the rational response follows. For
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Avoid Short-Term Gratification And Experience Long-Term Gain

How to Avoid Short-Term Gratification And Experience Long-Term Gain

Have you read the novel, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson? It is about a good and wise doctor who invents a magic potion, which transforms him into Mr Hyde, a devilishly clever, decadent and evil man. Stevenson was inspired by the interplay of good and bad intentions in people. The truth
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Million Dollar Mindset

How to Have a Million Dollar Mindset

With the exception of lottery winners, most millionaires are not surprised by their success because they’ve planned and worked hard to get where they are. They had a million-dollar mindset on the day they started work. A million-dollar mindset is basically a solid belief in your own potential. To succeed in business or property development
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