Campbell River Boat Storage and Storage Units

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Campbell River Boat Storage and Storage Units

Campbell River is a fishing city that is surrounded by water. It is located in the province of British Columbia and it is known as the Salmon Capital of Canada. This is due to the abundance of salmons such as Chinook, Sockeye, Chum, Pink, Coho, etc. that are available there. Salmons may also be viewed from river floats as well as on snorkeling adventures. You can even watch bears as they catch and eat salmons.

Asides from salmons, Campbell River is known for The Discovery Pier which is good for sightseeing and strolls. There are also art galleries and the maritime heritage center museum. You can go mountain climbing, hiking, scuba diving, kayaking, go-cart racing, etc.

There is the Elk Falls Provincial Park where you encounter thundering waterfalls and experience the immense network of forest trails. You can as well catch a ferry to the different islands of Quadra, Cortes and Discovery Island. All in all, Campbell River is a city where you can have so much fun no matter who you are. You can read further on the city here.

Due to its proximity to water, it is a common sight to see boats as many residents of the city own them. A boat is a type of recreational vehicle that is used for transportation, sports, recreation, travel, fishing, etc.

Storing Your Boat

A major aspect of owning a boat is where you store it when it is not in active use. Having enjoyed time on the sea, it is time to park things up till next time. Winter may be approaching, and you will not be needing your watercraft for a while. You cannot just leave it out on the water. You need to find a way to store it properly.

There are two main storage options for boaters. These are: dry storage which involves storing your boat on land and marina storage which is when it is stored on the water. Both options require distinctive steps in preparing the boat engines, exterior, electrical and batteries.

For the dry method, there are also different options you can use for its storage. You may choose to store it in your garage or park it on a trailer in your home. You may also store in dry-stacked storage or other self-storage facilities which can either be indoors, outdoors, or covered. Of all the options available one of the best ways to store your watercraft is to use a dry self-storage facility. You can read about the different storage options available here

Reasons to Store Your Boat in a Storage Facility

Campbell River Boat Storage and Storage Units

A boat is a huge investment, and you want to protect it and not let it get damaged. You can only be certain of this if you adequately store it. With this, you do not have to worry about your watercraft drifting away or getting damaged. You may as well say you will store it at your home, but you could use the extra space that your watercraft is occupying on your property for a much better purpose. Also, you may live in a neighborhood where you may not be allowed to park your boat on your driveway.

Below are more reasons why using a boat storage facility is beneficial to you.


You do not want to leave your boat out on the water during winter. As much as you may be able to park it on your driveway if your neighborhood permits, you only get limited protection. If it is not properly winterized, it can get damaged.

Vulnerability to Pests and Vandals

If you cannot fit your watercraft into your garage, the next best place to park in your home is the driveway. The challenge to this is that it is vulnerable to different forms of attacks. This can include pests
like rodents, reptiles, etc. having a field day in it. There is also the risk of thieves and other vandals. Using a Campbell River boat storage facility eliminates all these. Most storage facilities will have a higher degree of security than you would in your home. Features such as video surveillance, electronic gate access and on-site staff help to keep your vessel safe and easily accessible when you need it.

What to Consider When Selecting a Storage Facility

When storing your vessel, you want to ensure that it is adequately cared for and protected. To this end, the facility, and personnel you are entrusting it with are crucial. Below are some things you should consider when choosing one.

How Often You Will Use Your Boat

This is a major factor to put into consideration before selecting a storage facility. How accessible is the place and what is its proximity to the water body and your home? Would you need to incur extra expenses before you get your watercraft to where you need it? As a frequent user, it is better to get a facility close to the water body. Also, keep in mind that a notification will be required before you can pick up your boat and processing may take a while.


When visiting the facility, you should be observant and try to see how they handle things. Check how clean the facility is and how professional their management and staff are.


This should be put into consideration when purchasing your vessel. How much are you able to spend on its storage? Based on your budget, you can seek out a facility in that range.


This is another important thing to put into consideration. Although most facilities will have a level of security put in place, it is not a bad idea to ask or check them out. Choose a place that is highly secured such as a gated property with electronic or key-coded accessibility.

In addition to all that is above, you may also consider if the personnel involved in handling the boats are insured.

You will find tips for storing your boat in this article.


As a resident of Campbell River, you are most likely to have a boat and will need to store it when not in use. This helps to preserve it from harsh weather elements, damage, pests, and vandals. Rather than storing it at home, storing it in a reliable and security-conscious facility is far beneficial.

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