Pat Mesiti Reviews

It was my pleasure to attend your Outrageous Streams of Income event at Broadbeach Sofitel last weekend

“I have seen you present on a number of occasions and I always leave with something new and exciting to apply to my life and business. Your energy is infectious and you clearly have a passion in helping others and I congratulate you for that!

I thought I'd share one of my favorite quotes, as I believe this is what you are conveying to so many people that attend your events… you may have heard it before, but I love this quote!


I consider myself fortunate in finding my passion in a system that enables everyone to keep in contract with clients and more importantly, loved ones land provide me an income.
Thanks again for helping so many people find their passion and putting a smile on so many faces!”

S Wallace

I would like to thank you sincerely for the opportunity to attend your Property Millionaires Tour seminar in Melbourne…

“You certainly assembled an impressive group of professional top class business people, but also good, genuine people & thank you for your wisdom & honour.

I don’t think we attendees can really appreciate what it takes to put on an event like that, but it was first class.
Thanks to you I've taken action & also look forward to your monthly programme & to hearing you again in the future.”

C Pannell

“Informative and Helpful…”

“Thanks Pat for a very informative & helpful weekend. I was at the Weekend at Surfers and must congratulate you on such excellent speakers on all the different topics. I have gained a wealth of knowledge from the weekend. Thanks.”

As an attendee at the Brisbane Property Millionaires Tour last weekend…

“I just wanted to pass on my sincere gratitude for your amazing generosity, infinite wisdom & most valuable support offered by all speakers (what a lineup!) present.
I like to think I'm ‘self-aware' but you just take that thinking to a whole new level – Thank you!

I’ve defined my “why” & currently working firmly on my “Now”.
Just to say ‘thank you’ for all your kindness.”

J Miley

Your events are super, simply the BEST…

Hello Pat, Thank you so much for the most amazing 3days of  incredible speakers information, learning, fun  and life changing information.  So much ,so good , I need to come back as I m on information overload . New  mindsets. All the speakers were magnificent. . I need mentoring. , but hey ,one step at a time.  I will return as often as I can.  Your events are super, simply the BEST Like you The BEST. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

With gratitude.

Love/light D Monarch

It ALL started with YOU…

Hey Pat

I thought you should know, Tony Robbins hired me to be a national speaker for their team, one of six in the US…

I want to let you know that YOU started this whole process for me when you called me up and said “I want you to come to Celebrity Weekend in Sydney.”  It was after your event that I wrote my first book because of what had been birthed inside of me that weekend.

After I wrote the book, I became a “celebrity” in my own little way. I've had several meetings with friends and acquaintances asking how I wrote the book, even paid speaking engagements because I was now an ‘author.'  

Anyways, one of the friends that I coached couldn't pay me in cash so she said, “I can give you a ticket to Garrett Gunderson's event in Utah.”  So I took it and went, and while I was there I met a man named Roberto, who was Tony's number one speaker for six years.

I bought a coaching program from Roberto at Garrett's meeting, and Roberto had the connection to Tony Robbins…

Soooo, my friend… It ALL started with YOU… Thank you for your encouragement, prayers, and support… Love you…

T. Nestor

Absolutely full of gold

You will be so inspired and in awe of the amazing energy Pat gives out from stage.. Pat is dynamite and will fill your soul and build your confidence and belief in yourself so that you walk away feeling 10 foot tall and ready to conquer the world.. absolutely full of gold..! I have witnessed his magic a couple of times now and would listen to him again and again..!!!

Enjoy the summit..!

M Noack

To all the Mesiti ladies

Pat, and his events have made a huge difference in my life this year. I know that I’ve taken a quantum leap forward in my thinking. It may not be reflected on the bottom line yet, but it will ultimately. I’ve also attended several other events and it is very clear to me that Pat has an exceptional team supporting him.
It is not just the scope of the business, nor the size of the events or the smoothness with which the team pulls together but the truly personal touch that each and every one of you give to every person with whom you come in contact. Sure I understand that there will be glitches behind the scenes, that one of you may have an off day sometimes (although I’ve never detected it) and there must be thousands of other issues running in your lives. Yet you still give your best at every event and that is an awesome accomplishment. And that is why I love to send you a thank you.
Have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones
D Johnson

It has really changed my life in a great way

Hello Mr. Mesiti, I really enjoyed your book. It has really changed my life in a great way. I just wanted to thank you for one of the best books I've ever read. So thank you for helping me change my life in this later stage of it, it has just begun.


A. Miller

Trust, a vision and a support network has lifted me to new levels

Dear Pat and the Millionaire Mindset Club,

I just wanted to express my gratitude for all the wonderful packages I receive each month.

They have made me sooo motivated; desire has turned into a certainty and I now have a complete faith with all that I undertake. The breakthroughs and success's that I now achieve are overwhelming.Trust, a vision and a support network has lifted me to new levels.

I really appreciate being part of the club and always look forward to my next parcel….

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Best Wishes, P.Vance