What Others Say

My wife and I recently attended Matt and Amanda’s conference on the Gold Coast

My wife and I recently attended Matt and Amanda's conference on the Gold Coast.  With Matt and Amanda and yourself as our mentors I have undergone some tremendous changes in my life. Thank you. Pat, the veil of the temple has been ripped asunder; the scales have fallen from my eyes and I have been born again. I have had the wonderful experience of the light coming down and the truth flowing from the Super consciousness (The Lord, God) into what we label our conscious mind.

Pat, I get it and I am helping others to get it. Your ministry of FAITH has truly been brought into the 21st Century. Pat, I see how you teach others to believe and release the power of faith in their lives. Pat, I truly know that you are an Angel (messenger from God or messenger for God) spreading the teachings of Christ through your ministry of FAITH.

Hallelujah my brother, my teacher, my mentor and praise be to GOD ALMIGHTY.

Darryl Chapman

Thank you for the wonderful weekend at your Pathways to Prosperity event just gone.

“Just want to let you know something in regard to the personal issue that I spoke about on Saturday, I’ve done hours and hours of therapy about that issue.

I can honestly say I received more meaningful and heartfelt support from the people who were at your event this weekend, than from the hundreds of hours of therapy. It really blew me away.

Thank you for your incredible insight and intuition.

I will be eternally grateful to you for that experience.  I truly understand how my issue has held me back for so long and also how it has helped me be a stronger person.

And I also understand how my sharing helped so many other people in that room.  So many other people thanked me for helping them and I will stay in touch with many of them.

The calibre of human beings that were at that event was outstanding.  And that’s thanks to you, Pat.  You have an incredible gift for gathering outstanding human beings around you.

I’m looking forward to attending one of your programs again very soon.”


Thanks again, Pat.

With warm wishes

Beth Britton

Thank you for such an awesome weekend

“Great feeling to be around such uplifting & inspiring people.
Pat you really do have such a big heart. Your kind words & genuine care really show through.
I look forward to attending more events in the future and working towards a life where I too can actually help people in a meaningful and purposeful way (and get paid well for it).

The venue and the food was outstanding. (Difficult to return to the hum-drum of everyday life.) I really enjoy your enthusiastic, well thought-out and meaningful presentations. Food for thought, which feed the soul.
Finally, your guest presenters were great, especially, Susan, Steven & Peter (he really is off the wall and I love it).”


We wish to express our sincere thanks for all your efforts to provide a truly life changing and memorable experience

“With Pat's energy, enthusiasm, and inspiration wrapped around his words and wisdom, coupled with the extremely high caliber speakers, providing great depth of knowledge and teaching, we have a great launching pad for the next phase of our lives and continued personal development.

The venue and the evening entertainment provided the perfect back drop to the whole mind changing experience.
Being able to get up and personal with the speakers to open our hearts and share with them our challenges, and then be able to receive their advice was a very special experience.

Moments like these translate to lifetime memories and pivotal moments in one's development.
We also wish to thank the Team for the behind scenes work that has made this such a wonderful event. The daily surprises when we returned to our rooms did caused a skip in the heart beat.

Without your dedication and commitment I am sure the edge would have been lost on some aspects of the week.
The fruits of your efforts are already evident in our lives. Thanks again.”

John and Stella

I have been thinking of you a lot, every time I let life get me down…

“I put your CDs on or imagine I am in your presents listening to all the great mentoring advise that you have had the great fortune to come across.

Every time I head to a gathering with Family (the big Italian family), that I know will suck me dry with bad karma and emotions, I listen to you in the car.

What’s funny is I start quoting you to them. … I love it, … They hate it!
Every time I am depressed, every time I worry about my finances, every time my kids test me, every time I listen to the dead beats that try to drag me down, every time I get confused and don’t know what to do next, every time I fell sick and there is no one who understands, every time you are there.

I don’t know how you do it, but somehow you are there…
So I want to give back to you, thank you for being there, thank you for teaching me, thank you for introducing me and my family to life! ….. THANK YOU…..”

Always your friend: Tania and Tony

I would like to thank you for helping many people

“My school is asking us to write a thank you letter to someone and I have chosen you. You are a great mentor who allows people to see that happiness is the key to life.

I thank you for teaching my family and many other families a new way to view life. Because of you, my family is love filled and happier than it has ever been.

I believe you’re a truly amazing person and I hope you continue to share your story and advice to many other people. So that they too enjoy the great things life has to offer.”

S De Ruertas

We are so very grateful to have you & all the wonderful people we call “your family” in our lives

“Thank you for being who you are, for doing what you do & for never giving up. The world, without doubt, is much richer for your being in it & we are so grateful to be a part of it all.”

Jim & Carolyn

Thank you for a mind-blowing La Dolce Vita event and for your continual and ongoing generosity with ‘your family’

“I am loving the Platinum experience and want to thank you for your guidance, inspiration, heart, passion, energy and wisdom you deliver.

I am so grateful Pat that you planted a seed of hope within me at Youth Alive in Sydney when I was only 16 and now, 24 years on, it's awesome to be an ‘Adult Alive' and living life to the full!

Thank you so much and I look forward to many more exciting times ahead.”

A Altuney

A huge thank you for last week.

What an amazing time we had. Each day seemed to be better and more powerful than the other one before.

“We honour you Pat for the amazing work you do, reaching out, touching and changing so many lives, we've been so blessed to be Platinum this year and looking forward to the year ahead.”

The Twomeys

It was my pleasure to attend your Outrageous Streams of Income event at Broadbeach Sofitel last weekend

“I have seen you present on a number of occasions and I always leave with something new and exciting to apply to my life and business. Your energy is infectious and you clearly have a passion in helping others and I congratulate you for that!

I thought I'd share one of my favorite quotes, as I believe this is what you are conveying to so many people that attend your events… you may have heard it before, but I love this quote!


I consider myself fortunate in finding my passion in a system that enables everyone to keep in contract with clients and more importantly, loved ones land provide me an income.
Thanks again for helping so many people find their passion and putting a smile on so many faces!”

S Wallace