Limitless Income

Sharon Lechter, the brains behind Rich Dad Poor Dad, reveals how to shed your unconscious limitations, think big, master the game of money, free up your time, make an impact and have multiple income-producing assets.


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Pat Mesiti


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There’s an urgent situation unfolding right now.

Inflation continues to create financial difficulty in 2024 after the Fed raised rates 11 times between March 2022 through July 2023.

Instead of a highly expected rate decrease during 2024, another hike may be needed to curb inflation.

It’s not surprising of course when the government is spending like there’s no tomorrow and completely out of touch with reality.

They haven’t solved the problem and won’t be able to, because they don’t understand the problem in the first place. Instead, they are leading us to the slaughter.

Here’s what we’re up against:

Governments around the world are working together to make people poorer and keep them poor. Plus, governments are becoming bigger to exercise even more control over us and restricting our freedom.

Needless to say, we don’t have any control over what’s happening in the world and economy. None whatsoever.

But we can control how much we earn thanks to becoming financially educated.

This is why I am interviewing for the first time world renowned speaker, the brains of and co-founder of the Rich Dad Company, co-author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and creator of Think and Grow Rich for Women, Sharon Lechter.


During this exclusive LIVESTREAM, Sharon Lechter will reveal a proven formula for having income-producing assets that allow you to earn more passive income than your monthly expenses. In other words, a system for making more, without sacrificing more of your time for you to truly experience financial freedom no matter how hard or out-of-reach this may seem to you right now.

You see, things are about to get uglier. We’re about to get hit even harder by the cost-of-living crunch.

And the only thing right now that can save us, is financial education. Period. And Sharon Lechter is one of the best people in the world to provide it because she’s helped millions of people around the world for many decades dramatically improve their financial situation.

People who are more financially educated usually:

  • Own money-making assets
  • Have multiple passive income streams
  • Earn more without sacrificing more of their time
  • Make better money-related decisions
  • Don’t experience constant financial stress
  • Enjoy a better lifestyle
  • Can pay their bills and expenses on time
  • Report being happier than the average person
  • Feel their ability to earn money is limitless

This is why I believe you can’t afford NOT to attend this livestream.

Here is just a fraction of what Sharon Lechter will reveal:

  • Why exchanging time for money will keep you poor and the types of income-producing assets that will allow you to make more without having to work for money
  • Why good debt is so important right now and can lead to your financial freedom
  • How to stop fearing money once-and-for-all so you have total control over your money
  • How to carefully choose who you listen to and who you spend time with as it dictates how much or how little you earn
  • How your level of financial success relies on one single thing yet most people aren’t aware of it
  • The importance of knowing the difference between “investing your time” and “spending your time” so you can allow more income to come into your life and get your time back

When you attend this livestream, you’ll hold knowledge others don’t have, be much more prepared financially for what’s coming, feel more secure and discover ways to earn enough passive income to pay for all your expenses.


To help you even further, Sharon Lechter will also answer these burning questions:

  1. 1
    What can be done when you’re feeling hopeless and stuck in a rut?
  2. 2
    What actions can be taken right now to overcome the cost-of-living crisis?
  3. 3
    How do you end a cycle of financial bad luck?
  4. 4
    What do you do when your lack the time or money to pursue your desires?
  5. 5
    What can you do when the people around you don’t support your dreams and the things you pursue, or don’t believe in you?

Remember: Now is not the time to be complacent. Now is the time to invest in your financial education. It is only through financial education that you can earn more and get your time back.

By attending this livestream, you’ll be among a select group of people who will know how to set the wheels in motion to improve your financial situation fast, regardless of your current circumstances.


About Sharon Lechter

"The Brains Behind the Rich Dad Poor Dad Empire"

Sharon Lechter is a renowned entrepreneur, international speaker, best-selling author, mentor, and philanthropist. She is the co-founder of the Rich Dad Company and co-author of the groundbreaking book Rich Dad Poor Dad. This book, along with 14 others in the Rich Dad series, has sold over 32 million copies and has been translated into more than 51 languages across 109 countries.

Sharon’s career spans decades of dedication to financial literacy and entrepreneurial success. She has worked with major brands like Disney and Time Warner and served two U.S. Presidents as an advisor on financial literacy. Her work with the Napoleon Hill Foundation on books like Think and Grow Rich: Three Feet from Gold and Outwitting the Devil has further solidified her reputation as a leading expert in personal finance and wealth creation.

Her accomplishments include receiving the International Profile Donna Award by Profile Woman, the Lifetime Achievement award by Habitude Warrior International, and the Global Voice Award from the World Woman Foundation. Sharon is also the only woman inducted into the Personal Development Hall of Fame and has been honoured with the Gold Medal Award in Literary Achievement from the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

About Troy Harris

Troy Harris is an artificial intelligence educator, with over 6 years of experience leveraging the power of the latest technologies to generate passive income, consistently.

Troy has taught and helped thousands of people navigate a unique AI trading bot, responsible for generating daily passive income.

As a result, Troy has spoken alongside some of the world’s top financial experts such as Robert Kiyosaki, Dr Deepak Chopra and Peter Schiff.