Discover A Fun Business You Can Run From Home … And If You Start Now You Can Make Money In Time For Christmas

It’s been a tough year for everyone.

And with Christmas coming up it’s time to shake off the “2022 blues” and enjoy yourself.

 Even though we’ve been through some hard times with interest rates, inflation and the cost of living all soaring … it’s time to spread some joy into your life. 

Single Mum Elspeth Hughes Made Over $5,000 In 4 Weeks Over Christmas.
You’ll Discover How She Did It
When You Join this FREE Training

Sat, 19 Nov 12am GMT London
Fri, 18 Nov 4pm PST Los Angeles

Elspeth is running this business now so you can be making money in time for Christmas.
It’s called the Christmas Cash Challenge and she’s giving you the system and all the tools to make money this Christmas … and for Christmas every year.
And you can use it to make money the rest of the year too. 

Here’s A Special Trick Which
Makes More Money Over Christmas

This is a system which can make money all year round.
Elspeth makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from home, which isn’t bad for a single mum who lost her job when Covid hit.

And her students are making great money in their spare time too.

However there’s a special trick which Elspeth uses on top of this system which makes even more money at this time of year.

This training is specifically all about getting you up and running before Christmas so you can take advantage of it too. 

And Finally Enjoy A Christmas Where
Money Is Not An Issue.

On this training session you will discover …

  • The special reason why Christmas is the perfect time of year to do this
  • How you start your online store and make money now … then sell it for a handy profit by New Years
  • How you can start generating cash in as little as 3 hours
  • Limited income? This is an online store you can start for under $40
  • Don’t know your megabytes from your megabits? Who cares! If you can cut-and-paste you can make money with this
  • “Find ‘em and List ‘em”. How to find an almost infinite number of products you can sell. The more time you can spend on this … the more products you can list and sell. And you don’t even need to pay for a single one.
  • Take advantage of suppliers who want your help selling their products during the Christmas rush
  • Next Christmas, run this while you’re away on holidays. You can run this from anywhere in the world

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Sat, 19 Nov 12am GMT London
Fri, 18 Nov 4pm PST Los Angeles

Who Is Elspeth Hughes And Why Should You Learn This From Her

Before the pandemic, Elspeth was a sound engineer touring the world with the likes of Ric Astley and Burt Bacharach.
However when Covid hit and tours were cancelled she suddenly found herself unemployed.

This Decision Made Elspeth Rich

Unemployed, broke and desperate for income, the single mum was looking for a way to start an online business to replace her salary.
She researched all her options, but most of them seemed complicated, required lots of capital, and would take months to set up and start running.
Except one.
Elspeth dove in and started her first Shopify store, and within a year she had …

… over 40 eCommerce stores each turning over in excess of $100,000 a year

What made it easy was …

She didn’t need to buy any stock.

She didn’t need to rent any premises.

She didn’t need to employ or manage a single staff member.

In fact, within 6 months of doing this in her spare time, Elspeth had completely replaced her old salary with a passive income and knew she would never have to worry about money ever again.
To date, Elspeth has
built more than 40 stores, each turning over more than $100,000.

sells high quality products she is proud of, none of which are produced in China.
And is now
teaching people from all corners of the globe to create their own passive incomes using her simple, part-time business model.

Register now for the FREE LIVE training

Sat, 19 Nov 12am GMT London
Fri, 18 Nov 4pm PST Los Angeles

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