They Laughed When Elspeth Promised To  Replace Her Salary With A Passive Online Income

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Wed, 28 Sep 9am BST London
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Hi, it’s Pat Mesiti here.

One of the biggest reasons I love coaching is watching my students go from almost nothing … and create incredible wealth and success.

And one of my favourite students is Elspeth Hughes.

Elspeth was a sound engineer touring the world with the likes of Ric Astley and Burt Bacharach.

However when Covid hit and tours were cancelled she suddenly found herself unemployed.

This Decision Made Elspeth Rich

Pat Mesiti

Unemployed, broke and desperate for income, the single mum was looking for a way to start an online business to replace her salary.
She wanted to start a Shopify store but didn’t know how to get started.

Lucky for her she opened one of my emails.
In it I was offering a unique opportunity to launch someone’s online business for them.

And she applied to be chosen.

Lucky for her she was picked at random out of 120 people … and I launched her into the stratosphere. 

Within 1 hour Elspeth banked $128,245

This was a huge break for Elspeth.

She finally had the money she needed to pursue her Shopify dream.

And with my help she went on to launch …

… over 40 eCommerce stores each turning over in excess of £100,000 a year

What made it easy was …

She didn’t need to buy any stock. 

She didn’t need to rent any premises. 

She didn’t need to employ or manage a single staff member. 

And within 6 months of doing this in her spare time, Elspeth had completely replaced her old salary with a passive income and knew she would never have to worry about money ever again.
To date, Elspeth has built more than 40 stores, each turning over more than £100,000.

She sells high quality products she is proud of, none of which are produced in China.

And is now teaching people from all corners of the globe to create their own passive incomes using her simple, part-time business model.

I asked Elspeth to join me and show you (for FREE) how she does it.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • How Elspeth created 40 stores each selling over £100,000 a year each
  • A simple strategy Elspeth once used to generate $128,245 in 60 minutes
  • Ready for the laptop lifestyle? Elspeth runs her stores from anywhere in the world, even recently on a beach in Barbados. And you can too
  • If you’re ready to start, you can be selling in as little as 3 hours
  • Another way to profit - set up a store … then sell it for a huge cash payout (you can do this over and over again)
  • How to replace your income selling other people’s products
  • How to start an eCommerce store without any technical skills whatsoever
  • On a limited income? Each of Elspeth’s $100,000 stores was launched for under $100.

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Wed, 28 Sep 9am BST London
Wed, 28 Sep 1am PDT Los Angeles

About Elspeth Hughes
“The eCom Queen”

Elspeth Hughes has been building online stores since 2016.
Before this she was a freelance sound engineer working with the likes of Rick Astley and Burt Bacharach as well as many well-known TV programmes including Countdown and BBC’s Dragon’s Den.
However as a single mum, Elspeth became sick and tired of touring and started building stores in her spare time.
Within 6 months Elspeth had completely replaced her income and quit touring completely.
Today she has built more than 40 stores, and regularly turns over more than £100K per store.

She doesn’t buy stock, rent any premises or employ any staff.
And today, apart from running her stores in a couple of hours a day she teaches people how to build stores just like hers. 

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