Wealth Mindset PLUS Your Own Easy Home-Based Business

The ‘Cut-And Paste’ Millionaire

“If You Can ‘Cut-And-Paste’
You Could Be Making Money Online
By This Time Next Week”


Wed, July 20th – 11am AEST (Sydney)


Wed, July 20th – 6pm AEST (Sydney)

Have you ever been full of confidence and motivation … but didn’t know how to turn it into money?

It’s not fair to build you up like that, only to let you down by not giving you something to do next.

And so on Wednesday the 20th of July we’re changing this with by giving you the tools to become wealthy and a simple system to use straight away to start building your wealth. 

Have you ever been to an event where you were full of motivation and ready to achieve anything …
… and didn’t have a clue what to do next?

My name is Pat Mesiti, and I know this sucks.
This is why I’m running a very special event where I show you how to unlock your unlimited potential and turn yourself into a wealth and success seeking machine.

Plus I’ve invited a special guest along to give you a business you can start right away … and make money from in as little as 7 days

Pat Mesiti

This New Millionaire Mindset Puts You
In Control Of Your Life And Fortunes

I’m going to get you over your fears and blockages and build a strong, powerful relationship with money.
You’re going to discover how you can become a magnet for money and wealth.

And to attract opportunities for wealth, success and happiness to you.

With the right mindset and approach to money, you’ll unlock the vast potential within you to be in complete control.

You’ll release yourself of your fears around money, and discover brand new ways which attract more money into your life.

And I’m going to show you how.

Then We’ll Let Your Millionaire Mindset Loose
On A Simple And Lucrative Business You Can Run

Listen, we’ve all been to events where we left pumped up and ready to take on the world …

… only to walk outside into the cold air and think

“What Am I Supposed To Do Now?

This is why I’ve invited David Cavanagh onto the call to show you his Cut And Paste Millionaire System.

This is the system he created, which sees him make over $1 million a year in a few hours a day from his luxury villa in Thailand.

And sure, I know you might be sceptical so I’ve asked him to PROVE to you that you can do something which you can charge top dollar for.

Plus use it in your own part-time business to get FREE traffic and sell goods online.

In Less Time Than It Takes You To Eat Lunch, David Will Show You How To Instantly Rank Any Business On Page #1 of Google

All the steps right in front of your very eyes.

He’s going to take a business category from one of the attendees (it could even be you) and get a #1 ranking for it on YouTube and a first page ranking on Google.
You’ll watch every move he makes to rank a business on the coveted page #1 of Google.
And at the same time, he’ll rank it #1 on YouTube which is the World’s 2nd largest search engine (owned by Google).
And best of all, he won’t rush the steps, because I want you to copy him!
Then I want you to open the notes you take, and do this as soon as the event finishes so you know it will work for you too. 

Turns This Skill Into Money

Without any doubt, the ability to find buyers for no cost is the most valuable skill on the planet.
And once you’ve learnt this secret, you can sell hot, in-demand products from anywhere to anyone in the world.
Plus, you don’t need to buy stock which sits in your garage or store room taking up space!

I’ll show you where to find products that people are buying, and the exact ones to promote to build yourself a highly lucrative business.

Plus, if you want even more money, I’ll show you how you can find an ocean full of businesses prepared to pay you to do this for them. (You can do this for business owners in any country, not just Australia).
And even though it takes you only 18 minutes a month, the business owners you find won’t need to know this, nor will they care.
As long as you’re getting them results, they’ll make sure you get paid regular as clockwork. 

In this ground-breaking online event, David will show you his step by step system which you can ethically steal and copy including:

  • “The 18 minute method” - This is all it takes once you’re up and running. Get your stopwatch out and time how long it takes him to rank a business on Page 1 in Google and at the TOP of YouTube LIVE before your eyes!
  • Are you thinking big enough? You might start by thinking this could be a small side hustle, yet it could easily grow into a 7 figure empire … if you’re up for the challenge!
  • How to make a high 6 figure income using simple videos - You can sell products you don’t even own for a high profit using automated sales using videos other people make for you … and you don’t even need to show your face. David explains it all!
  • Jobs top entrepreneurs never do - Outsource 90% of the work to a virtual assistant so you can take on more clients and make more money. $5 to $10 is all it costs to get most of your tasks done
  • Name your price – You’ll soon possess the most valuable skill in the business World. Google and Facebook are screwing businesses over with outrageous ad costs … and you’ll be there to save them. You can name your price when you’re flooding their business with free customers!
  • Secrets I learnt by reverse engineering Google SEO. Forget all the complicated strategies. This is all you need to know to smash any other site over the head and legally ‘steal’ their #1 rankings. Imagine how much someone will pay you to do this for them … go on, think about it and then DOUBLE it!
  • The best way to get new customers in the door – Simple, fast and brutally effective. Best part, you can maximise lifetime value and turn these small customers into whale clients who will end up paying for your new swimming pool, overseas trip or BMW.
  • Novice at this kind of thing? Great! The surprising reason David hates taking on digital marketing experts. He finds it 100 times easier to train inexperienced people, (even raw beginners from scratch) and help them make money online and offline.


Wed, July 20th – 11am AEST (Sydney)


Wed, July 20th – 6pm AEST (Sydney)

He Was Challenged To PROVE His Wild Claims … So He’s Doing A LIVE Demo For You On The Call

During the call, David is going to ask you and the other attendees to tell me what businesses you’re in, then randomly choose one of the businesses while you watch with amazement.

Because for the chosen business, he’s going to get it ranked at the top of YouTube and on Page 1 of Google while you watch.

However, there’s no point me doing this unless you’re going to ‘steal’ his method and use it.

So, here’s what I want you to do:
I want you to be ready with a pen and paper and take notes as David does it.
I want you to follow along and take notes on every step he takes.
And then I want you to do the exact same thing for your own business.
(Or you can test it out for your friend’s business and show them how powerful this is)

This won’t take you long at all and you’re going to love it!

BONUS: 3 Different Ways To Turn This Little Known Skill Into A Thriving Spare-Time Business

The best part about this is it’s the simplest business I’ve ever seen online.

You don’t need much time to do it at all!

You can do it from anywhere in World, as long as you’ve got a laptop and access to the Internet (and that’s virtually everywhere these days with Internet cafes).

Cruise ship, Fijian resort, a villa in Tuscany. You can live on a permanent holiday and pay for your new, exciting lifestyle in a couple of hours a day thanks to your new online business.

I’m also going to give you 3 completely different ways you can turn what I show you into an extremely profitable, thriving part-time business.

You don’t need any special skills or expensive software.

And you can get paid top-dollar by helping cashed up business owners what they want more of – FREE customers without paying any ad costs!

Join me on this ground breaking event and I’ll open the doors to this amazing new World for you.

Frankly, the turmoil and chaos of the last 2 years has proven to all of us that we need more than our job nowadays!

And that’s because our job security is dead and gone.
It’s essential for you to have an extra income you’re in control of these days to protect yourself, your family, your friends and the people you love. 


Wed, July 20th – 11am AEST (Sydney)


Wed, July 20th – 6pm AEST (Sydney)

MEET Pat Mesiti

Pat Mesiti is an income acceleration coach and money-mindset expert. He is your host on this phenomenal and powerful event.
Pat is a highly effective communicator and most notably an income acceleration coach. His passion is to EQUIP and EMPOWER individuals and businesses to experience growth and prosperity to their fullest potential.
His expertise is to SHIFT MINDSETS AND TO BUILD BIGGER PEOPLE to produce results.

Pat has spoken globally to some of the largest conferences, and his books and materials have numerous copies. Having built some of Australia's largest people organizations, Pat understands the power of harnessing people potential.

An Australian icon in high demand around the world as a keynote speaker and presenter, his seminars and products are transforming the lives of all it touches.

Pat Mesiti's enthusiasm combined with his great sense of humor gives him the ability to move an audience into action as well as give them practical resources to help them achieve their goals. He is a gifted communicator and will add tremendous value to the lives he touches. Pat is Dynamic – Entertaining – Unforgettable!


Who Am I?

I’m David Cavanagh, multi-millionaire online business coach

Every day of the week, I sell products I don’t even own in a vast range of niche markets all from my luxury beach-side villa in Thailand.

Yes, I promote products online that I don’t even own, and get paid up to 75% commission for the privilege!

Plus, I don’t ever need to learn SEO, Facebook ads or Google pay-per-click because of my simple methods.
And I’m not being pushed around by the likes of Amazon or eBay.
I’ve been using this strategy since 2004, and yet not even 1 in 100 online entrepreneurs knows how to do it. And that’s a shame since it’s so simple to do once you know how!

And better still, you don’t even need special equipment or software to do this. You’ve got everything you need already on your PC, Mac or even on your phone.


Wed, July 20th – 11am AEST (Sydney)


Wed, July 20th – 6pm AEST (Sydney)

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