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A Personal Tribute To My Friend Bob Proctor

“Bob Proctor Reveals His Final Secrets To
Creating Unlimited Wealth …
With Simple Yet Powerful Techniques
Anyone Can Use.”

On the 3rd of February 2022 the world lost a legend.
And I lost a friend.
Bob Proctor helped thousands of people breakthrough their limiting beliefs, create wealth and abundance, and build richer relationships with the people in their lives.

“More Millionaires Owe Their Success To Bob Proctor Than Anyone Else”.

I was fortunate to run an online event with Bob a few months before he passed away where he revealed his lifetime’s most powerful secrets to creating prosperity, success and happiness.

This replay is my personal tribute to him, and will cause a profound change in your life too. 

Here’s Who This Replay Is For:

  • You’ve hit a plateau in your life – you know you want more, yet you can’t budge and get to a higher level … no matter what you try or who you turn to for help
  • You’re watching other people achieve phenomenal success and wealth, yet you can’t do it too … even though you’re just as good and just as deserving as them
  • You dream of making more money when you’re asleep than most people make when they’re awake – it’s very possible and Bob shows you how he did it in his very first business
  • You know there’s more to life than just being rich – you also want to live at a new level emotionally and spiritually as well. Guess what – these 3 forces aren’t working against each other – they’re linked and they each support one another. And this means instead of sacrificing what’s important to you to become wealthier, you can actually improve every area of your life at once
  • You’ve set big goals, yet never seem to hit them – you might be surprised to know the problem isn’t that your goals are too big … they might not be big enough.
  • You’ve watched The Secret, attended dozens of webinars and live events and have a library crammed FULL of PD and success books, yet wealth and success continue to elude you. Bob Proctor will finally flip the switch and bring it all together so you finally take off. This is the missing piece which nearly everyone misses.

Does Your ‘Mental Money Program’
Need To Be Rewritten?

Did you know we all have a secret money-program coded into our minds?

It’s true.
We’ve been programmed from birth to have certain beliefs about money. And more often than not these beliefs are pulling you away from achieving the wealth you dream of.
It’s the reason why people desperately try to change their circumstances … and fall over again and again

It’s Not Your Fault You Haven’t Achieved Your Dreams Yet.

The Good News Is … You’re Almost Certainly Just One Step Away

It’s not your fault you keep trying and failing.
It’s just that reading personal development books, watching videos on the law of attraction and listening to webinars aren’t going to change anything.

It’s because everything you’ve been reading and watching only play around at the surface.

I mean, have you ever attended a weekend workshop and left feeling on top of the world … only to be your same tired old self by Tuesday?

Have you tried the techniques in the latest book or webinar for a few days only to find the euphoria has disappeared, your enthusiasm has left you … and the results you asked for haven’t materialised?

This Is The Reason You Haven’t Achieved
The Unlimited Success You Dreamed Of.

And Now You Can Fix It.

The reason is your good old money program is still running inside your brain. And as soon as you try something new, your brain simply says …

“Looks like I’ve been to another course.
Never mind, I’ll ride it out for a few days
and we’ll be back to normal”

Click … whirr. The same old program continues

Enter Bob Proctor.

Bob Proctor knew how this works.
He was one of the early pioneers, and spent decades rewiring people from the inside out to achieve phenomenal success.
In fact, there’s a good chance that …

… More Millionaires In The World
Can Trace Their Origins Back To Bob Proctor Than Anyone Else.

It took over a year to secure Bob’s time and attention to run this event.
And it was the first time he had presented to an Australian audience for the first time for years, and likely the last.
At this online event, Claim Your Riches, Bob Proctor and I went deep into the reasons why you have not achieved what you always wanted.
And shared with you strategies to reprogram your mind so it seeks out success and wealth every moment of the day. 

Imagine How Unstoppable You’ll Be With Bob Proctor’s Lifetime Of Wisdom

And you’re in for a treat because …

… in one incredible training we finally tied all the pieces together so you can go out and seek out wealth and success naturally. 

Here is some of what you’ll discover …

  • A simple technique you can use immediately to start attracting more money into your life
  • How you can earn more money when you’re sleeping than most people do when they’re awake.
  • A simple way to eliminate the roadblocks stopping you from being wealthy. You’re getting a technique which doesn’t just ‘destroy’ your roadblocks … it actually makes them vanish before your eyes as if they were never there. How powerful is this!
  • A foolproof plan to achieve anything you desire – no matter how large or ambitious it seems right now
  • How Bob’s income went from $4,000 to $175,000 in one year with this one simple concept he has taught to thousands of people
  • How the Laws of Vibration and Attraction work. This gets you into instant sync and harmony with anything you desire
  • How to reprogram your brain so you’re automatically focused on what you want with laser-like accuracy … rather than being distracted with all the false belief about why you can’t have it
  • The simple triggering mechanism which attracts everything good you desire into your life

Bob And I Smashed This
Common Wealth Myth

Most people believe becoming wealthy means making sacrifices in other areas like your relationships and your spirituality.

This is completely wrong. And we’ll show you how you can succeed emotionally, financially and spiritually.

And we’ll reveal the unusual reason why focussing on all 3 at once actually speeds up your journey

We’re also going to reveal…

  • How to attract more than money. Bob will give you the trick to attract anything you think would be fun, inspiring or extraordinary
  • Stuck? On a plateau? You’ll discover the real reason people come out of nowhere and suddenly become wealthy almost overnight while you stay where you are. It’s like they have the Midas Touch, and everything they touch turns to gold. You’re about to become one of them
  • How to flip around the relationship you have with money so you control it rather than it being a constant source of stress and worry
  • How to send out your intentions to those around you and consistently receive what you ask for
  • The secret to suddenly recognising the vast amount of information and opportunities which are right under your nose. Opportunity is everywhere once your mind is programmed to do this
  • And the favourite ever 21 word affirmation of Bob Proctor – program this into your mind to hard-wire yourself to look for success and money every moment of the day … and love every moment of it!

This Online Event Was Unlike Anything
Bob Or I Had Ever Run Before.

Bob and I got fired up and dropped even more bomb-shells on success and wealth attraction than we originally planned.
It was a smorgasbord of ideas of wealth and success attraction.
You’ll need to bring a notepad and a pen with you …

… And Be Prepared To Make Pages Of Notes To Supercharge Your Success Journey.

This isn’t going to be some high-level, soft feel good training.
I know you don’t want this.
You want to get ahead. Heck, you deserve to get ahead.
This is full of hard-hitting, actionable strategies so you can take to the bank.
And which will transform your life the moment it’s over.
Bob and I got down to business and revealed more about success and wealth attraction than you’ve ever been told before. 

  • Imagine how you’ll feel when you see success and wealth opportunities finding their way into your life.
  • Imagine the sense of relief as your bank account begins to grow. There’ll be no more white knuckles every time a bill arrives because you’ll finally have more than enough money to pay it easily.
  • Imagine the delight and euphoria every morning as you check your computer and see you’ve made money overnight … while you were snoring away enjoying the best and most peaceful sleep you’ve had in years.


PLUS I’m Giving You These Two Valuable Gifts Just For Joining The Replay

I want to reward you for taking action.
Taking action is the key to achieving the success you deserve.
So I am giving you two valuable gifts just for being a part of this incredible event. 

Gift #1
How To Have A Millionaire Mindset – Value $27

A few years ago I sat down and poured out all my thoughts and strategies on how to harness the power of your mind to become a millionaire.
It became an instant classic.
In this book I reveal the strategies which I learnt from the world’s top thinkers on wealth and success.
And how I followed them to make millions.
If you want a blueprint to follow, this book has it. 

Pat Mesiti Mindset
Gift #2
Templates For Building Your Mind Money Muscle – Value $47

These 3 fill-in-the-blank templates take you through the steps to strengthen your mind so it can seek out and create wealth.
Template 1 stops and eliminates the bad habits which are destroying you, and replaces them with the habits of millionaires

Template 2 helps you develop the laser-like focus to achieve your goals so nothing … and nobody stands in your way

And template 3 reveals the 7 habits which all successful people have. And which you can model yourself.
These templates are all explained clearly and are easy to use and action. 

Wealth Tip: Use these templates immediately to get used to them, and then go through them again the moment the LIVE event with Bob is finished because I guarantee your answers will be even more powerful.

Pat Mesiti Templates

These two free gifts are valued at $74 and are yours free.
I will be giving you the download link on the live event.. 

However You Have To Be Quick.

This is my personal tribute to Bob.
It’s the culmination of his decades of experience and wisdom.

And it will only be available for a limited time.

If you’re slow and you miss it, you may miss it forever. 

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